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Single Ticket Prices - To go on sale through Eventbrite (Date TBA)

  • District Auditions: $25/day

  • Region Finals: $50

  • Launch Event: $150

Membership Prices - Secure your seats and make an early donation to take advantage of the following benefits; Limited Availability.

  • ARIA - $50 ($100 value):

    • 1 Ticket to the District Auditions (both days)

    • 1 Ticket to the Region Finals, including the reception to meet the singers

    • Program Mention

    • 1 page printed program with schedule

  • DUET - $100:

    • All of the above

    • Priority seating at the District and Regionals (front of the auditorium)

    • Full printed program, including aria choices

  • TRIO - $250:

    • All of the above

    • 1 Ticket to the Launch Event

  • QUARTET - $500:

    • All of the above

    • Acknowledgment from the stage at the Region Finals

  • QUINTET - $1000:

    • All of the above

    • 1 Ticket to the Grand Finals (Orchestra Level) and the Champaign Reception

  • SEXTET - $2500:

    • All of the above for 2 people

    • 2 Tickets to the Semi-Finals (Closed to the general public)

  • CHORUS - $5000:

    • All of the above for 2 people

    • Named Prize at the Region Finals

 The host organization is a 501(c)(3).  All donations are tax-deductible up to the extent allowed by law. 

Why you are important to us

I want to tell the donors how much they mean to me and all the singers that they help. They are a lifeline for us and I can personally say that, through the Met competition, they helped me to just keep going in an extremely difficult industry. Through their giving, they gave me the means to be able to put food on the table, keep studying, and keep singing. I will always, ALWAYS be grateful for their generosity.
— Tenor Joseph Dennis - 2015 Grand Finals Winner
I still feel so thankful to all the MONC donors and the wonderful tuxedo I received when singing on the stage of the MET. Many people have told me that it is a great tuxedo and I am wearing this to all my concerts and competitions.
— Baritone Sol Jin - 2016 Grand Finals Winner
Any money that a freelance singer receives from gigs and competitions is needed and received with gratitude. So from a purely financial standpoint, winning competition money made a huge difference in my year. I am so grateful for competitions like this that allow a singer to get exposure as well as provide assistance for voice lessons, travel expenses, and much more.
— Amy Owens - 2nd Place Region Finals 2015

MONC Eastern Region is a volunteer based organization.  As a region, we are responsible for raising all the funds necessary to hold the District Auditions and the Region Finals.  The Metropolitan Opera takes over at the Semi-Finals and the Grand Finals level. Some of our funds are used to organize the District Auditions and the Region Finals.  We want to give our singers the best possible chances when competing, and this means holding the auditions at a concert hall like Merkin.  We also like to provide our singers with great pianists and knowledgeable judges. 

Last year, we awarded a total of $25,000 to 11 Region Finalists and 3 Semi-Finalists, not including the Encouragement Awards and the 2nd Place winners.