Do I need to send in a head shot?

Yes, a headshot is necessary to complete the application. If you do not have a headshot, any other picture of yourself will suffice. You can snail mail in your headshot, or (preferably) you can email us a digital version of it.

Do I need to sing in more than one language?

It is advisable that you do as the judges like diversity and like to hear the full range of your capabilities. However, your application will not be rejected if you add only arias in one language.

When will I know if I have been accepted to compete?

The moment you mail in your application you are sure of a spot to compete. We do not reject any candidates, as long as you comply with the Governing Rules. This mainly refers to your age of course.  However, only the first 90 completed and paid applications will be accepted.

What if I applied and I can't make it to the auditions?

If you can not make it to our auditions, we can help you find another District that has space available.  It is your responsibility to contact the new district and check if space is available.  We will then forward your information to that District, along with your application fee. It is important to let us know as soon as possible if anything changes in your availability.

How do I pay the $30 application fee?

Payment information, including a link to Paypal (the preferred method of payment) can be found here.

Can I bring my friends and family to the auditions?

Yes, and the more the merrier. It makes for a wonderful atmosphere when Engelman Recital Hall is filled with people, and it is a great opportunity to perform in front of family and friends.  Tickets will be available once the schedule has been set.

When will I find out about my audition time?

As soon as all the applications have been received, the schedule is made. We usually send out the actual date and time about two weeks before the auditions. Both days generally run from about 9.30am to 6pm.  Please be aware that due to the high volume of applications, specific time requests can't always be accommodated. 

I noted I would be using the official accompanist, but I decided I would like to bring my own. Is that possible?

Yes, you may decide at a later date to bring your own accompanist. Please let us know as soon as possible if you plan to do so because we like to calculate that into our scheduling. Also provide us with their name.

Who are the judges for the 2018-2019 season?

District Auditions: TBD

Region Finals: Melissa Wegner, Jeremy Geffen and TBD

Can I be informed of upcoming events and next year's auditions?

Yes, just sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of the page and keep checking our website.

Can I change my aria selection after submitting my application?

Yes, you can change your selection up to the day of the audition. Let us know as soon as possible and we will change the info on your application. If you wish to make any changes the day of your audition, you must make the announcement of the change on stage to the judges.

I have participated in the National Council Auditions before, can I apply again?

As long as you comply with the rules in the Governing Regulations, you are fine. This means you have not sung at the Grand-Finals concert or reached the Semi-Finals twice.

Are there any exceptions to the Governing Regulations?

No, the rules are there to be followed.  No exceptions will be made with regards to age, or any other requirement.  Please make sure to read the regulations carefully. It is your responsibility to be in accord with the rules.  All your info will be checked upon receiving your application, and any discrepancies will disqualify you.

Can I get a refund on my application fee?

No, application fees wil not be refunded, even if you do not make it to the auditions.  If, however, you decide to transfer to a different district before the auditions take place, we will forward your application fee to that region. 

I feel like I do not have much experience or I have been out of school for a while, can I still apply?

Yes, you can. Even if you are just starting in your career you are welcome to audition with us. All we need is the info asked for on the application page; we do not need any references, letters...everyone is welcome to try out.

Will there be feedback given?

Feedback will be given at the end of each day, so please plan your day accordingly if you wish to receive feedback. We expect feedback to run from approximately 4pm to about 6pm, and will be given in the form of a 'speed feedback' session. Because of the number of applicants, you will receive feedback from one judge selected at random. These times are approximate and subject to change. No feedback will be given by phone or email.

Do I need to submit an audio recording or a video?

No, it is not necessary to submit any of these. Anyone gets admitted as long as you comply with the governing rules, pay the application fee and not all 90 spots are filled.