Everything you need for audition day

There will be a printed schedule available at the auditions, but the list of aria choices will not be available.  Feel free to print them at home or add them to your mobile device.

As always, the listed times are tentative.  We always tend to run a little ahead of schedule as cancellations happen throughout the day.  

Make sure to register today and get your tickets.  You can come and go as you please, just don't enter or leave the auditorium while an audition is in progress.  Also, feel free to encourage the singers with applause.

The auditions will start at 10am on both days, and doors will open at 9.30am.  There will be singing throughout the day until 4 - 4.30pm, except for an hour break between 1pm and 2pm.


Tuesday Aria List

Wednesday Aria List  

Susan Ashbaker Bio

Richard Bernstein Bio

Cori Ellison Bio

Dan Franklin Smith Bio