What MONC means to young singers

Any money that a freelance singer receives from gigs and competitions is needed and received with gratitude. So from a purely financial standpoint, winning competition money made a huge difference in my year. I am so grateful for competitions like this that allow a singer to get exposure as well as provide assistance for voice lessons, travel expenses, and much more.
— Amy Owens - 2nd Place Region Finals 2015
My participation in the MONC felt like a real push forward in my career. It made me feel like I had been making all the right choices, and that I was on the right path, which means a whole lot to a young singer.
— Felicia Moore – National Semi Finalist in the 12/13 season and Region Finalist Harold Bruder Award winner in the 13/14 season
I was terrified to do competitions for so long, and finally took the plunge with the MET National Council Auditions. I will probably never consider myself a strong auditioner, but the competition gave me a quite needed reminder that you have to put it all out there, never apologize for where you are now, and always accept the opportunity to learn more about yourself as a performer and improve.
— Kirsten Scott – 13/14 Region Finalist
Being in the Finals opened doors for me and I’m thankful for that. I got to sing Verdi with the Met Orchestra on that amazing stage in my hometown…it meant the world to me.
— Matthew Anchel – 2013 Grand Finalist
The prize money actually came at a time when I had no income. I was in the process of finding a job and being a full time college student. I had some priorities to attend to, so that money helped me to afford neccessities that I deemed helpful not only in my personal affairs but also towards school essentials as well.
— Sheherazade Holman – Encouragement Award Winner 12/13